Our Baltimore Home Inspection Services

We Have A Complete Menu Of Home Inspection Services To Choose From To Best Serve You In The Baltimore & Maryland Areas.

Home Inspections

Our Friendly, Competent Inspectors Describe And Explain Every Stage Of The Inspection And Encourage Questions To Enhance And Ensure Your Comprehension

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Mold Testing

Protect Your Home’s Walls, Structure, And – Most Importantly – Inhabitants. Left Undetected And Untreated, Mold Leads To Rot, Damage, And Health Problems

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Baltimore City Rental Inspection

The Baltimore City Rental Inspection Process Is Quite Simple And Usually Won’t Be Longer Than 30 Minutes.

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Lead Inspections

Protect Your Family. Left Undetected And Untreated, Lead Can Lead To Health Problems. Property Inspection Pros, Are Your Lead Paint Inspection Services

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Baltimore County Rental Inspection

A) Hardwired & Battery
Backed Interconnected Smoke Detectors Present And Operational. Wireless Remote Interconnection

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Commercial Inspection

Your Liability Can Extend To Employees, Customers And Occupants, So Make Sure That Your Building’s Structure, Electrical, Plumbing And HVAC Are Functioning Properly

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Radon Testing

Safeguard Yourself And Your Loved Ones From Exposure To Radon And Get Your Home Tested Today. Contact Property Inspection Pros The Trusted Radon Testing

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Sewer Line Inspection

Damage To A Sewer Line Is Virtually Undetectable And Can Cause Significant Destruction, Often Necessitating Complete Line Replacement

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