Hiring A Home Inspector

Hiring a good Home Inspector is an important step in the purchase of a home.

Find a certified Home Inspector through our search feature, or obtain the names of several inspectors from your friends, attorney, real estate agent or the phone book. Then call the home inspector and get the answers to the following questions:

What components are included in your inspection?

They should include everything listed above and usually more.

What is your specialized training to be a Home Inspector?

What is his/her formal training? You want an inspector who has had formal training, such as that offered by this Institute, so that you know the inspector is not just someone who thinks he knows about Home Inspection. Many states do not regulate those who enter the inspection profession, therefore entry level education is critical.

What do you do for continuing education?

Attending meetings of a local Home Inspector association is helpful. Taking other training is also important. There are several Home Inspection training schools that offer continuing education around the U.S.

With what national organization are you affiliated?

This is important because it shows if the inspector cares enough (or for that matter knows enough) to be affiliated with a national organization such as the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) or the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI). It is through these organizations that inspectors become aware of changes in the profession. The Home Inspection profession is young, growing and changing constantly. This awareness is important if your inspector is to be able to keep up with things and do a good job for you. If the inspector doesn’t care enough to have a national affiliation, you might make a mistake using that inspector’s services.

What licenses does the inspector hold?

If your state regulates Home Inspectors, be sure to check that the Inspector complies with the regulation. The regulatory agency should be able to tell you if the Inspector is licensed or registered or whatever. Many inspectors hold licenses for other services which they offer.

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